This Is The Perfect Body Holiday Photoshoot for SexyPlus Clothing

This Is The Perfect Body Holiday Photoshoot for SexyPlus Clothing

Tremendous? No, not quite right. Splendid...? Indeed, but... FLAWLESS? Yup that sounds about right.

Six beautiful bodacious babes that came together to promote their truly perfect bodies? Flawless it is!

On December 17, 2016 I wanted to pay tribute to the amazing plus size models I've worked with over the last two years so I decided to organize a special holiday photoshoot featuring some of the hottest styles offered at SexyPlus Clothing this year.

They came prepared with the fierceness I'd envisioned in both their looks and attitudes. They worked it for hours, they were patient while our photographer Elliot painstakingly set up each shot. They kept their energy up, their smiles on, offered creative suggestions and poses, helped each other out, and just had fun with it. It's about fashion... but it's really so much more than that. It's about women, it's about sisterhood, it's about us. It's what fuels me and what keeps me going. How perfect is that? Flawless, I say yet again! 

With the help of plus models (from left to right pictured below): Caterina Moda, Nakitende Esther, Stefanie Augusteijn of SexyPlus (me!), Pure Ivory, multi Juno award winner, Simone DennyJodi Pollak, Sarah Taylor, along with photographer Elliot Parrott, we created absolute magic at The Pilot tavern in Toronto, Ontario.

Representing and celebrating our various shapes and sizes (from size 14 to 24), these images truly reflect the essence of beauty diversity and the mesmerizing look of confidence.

Using the stage, the bar and even the entrance to the washrooms, the girls delivered their fierceness again and again. 

Our talented photographer Elliot worked meticulously with his lighting equipment to illuminate each shot perfectly.

Draped not only in beautiful styles from SexyPlus Clothing, but also wearing the holiday #chokerchick collection curated by Caterina Moda.

It was a wonderful collaboration with strong, beautiful, talented women to make this vision come to life and we had so much fun doing it.

As the owner of SexyPlus Clothing, I am amazed and honoured to know and work with such formidable women. 

But I wanted the project to be about more than just beautiful plus size fashion. So after our 4-hour shoot, we created a short but powerful video to reinforce the notion that the body you have right now IS beautiful just the way it is. 

Here is "THIS IS THE PERFECT BODY" video by SexyPlus Clothing and my amazing girl squad.

And here are some behind the scenes images capturing the essence of great teamwork and bonding:

With all my love... and so much gratitude, I wish you all the happiest holidays and highest confidence levels EVER.

xox Stefanie Augusteijn, SexyPlus Clothing



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