Plus Size Clothing Fashion Hacks - Simple ideas for getting the look you want

Plus Size Clothing Fashion Hacks - Simple ideas for getting the look you want

Women's attitudes about their bodies and clothing are changing dramatically. Decades of trying to fit into a set size are coming to an end. "I want to look 10 pounds lighter" has given way to "I want to feel beautiful!" and believe us, it’s long overdue. It was high time for women to accept and cherish their bodies as they are without feeling compelled to fit into a set size.

It goes without saying that plus size women pay a pretty good penny for clothes in the retail business. Many manufacturers are recognizing the purchasing power of plus size women in this modern era and creating new styles or extending sizes just for them. This all means that you'll need a few plus size fashion hacks in your arsenal to help you maximise your existing wardrobe, and rock any new purchases. 

That is why these hacks and tips were created with beautiful plus size women, and their curves, in mind. They are not intended to condemn you for not purchasing the newest fringe, suede, slim jeans with a magical no-slide waistband. Rather, they are designed to broaden your outfit options. So, the next time you buy something or look through your closet, consider using these plus size fashion hacks and tips to keep you looking fantastic and trendy as ever. So, let’s dive right into it. 


1. Dress up to elongate your body

If elongating your silhouette is what you’re after, try these tips for accentuating a vertical perspective.

Make it monochrome: wear clothes in one single colour from head to toe;

Rise above: wearing trousers with a higher rise (if you're a belt-and-waist person);

Get a boost: sporting footwear with some elevation, like a chunky lug or platform sole, a block- heel, wedge or kitten heel and/or tapered, pointy-ish (not toe-cramming pointy) footwear.


2. Accentuate and define your waist

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Being bodacious doesn’t mean you don’t have a waistline, so let’s get it showing! A belt can help you create the shape that makes you feel more feminine. If you have an hourglass plus size figure, letting a belt rest on your hips can be appealing. If you’re less defined in the midsection, a pretty belt creates an indent, instantly indicating that your bosom, waist, and belly are not a single solid unit. The styles that help achieve this are shirtdresses with a waist tie, wrap dresses, fit-and-flare garments, jumpsuits, paper-bag-waist trousers and belted trousers. Though many designs come with their own "cinchers," try investing in a few unique belts to add a personal touch to your outfit.


3. Opt for relaxed and comfortable clothing pieces

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The plus size fashion boom encompasses more than just larger sizes. Athleisure clothing, such as joggers, workout gear, crop tops, oversized hi-low shirts, and cozy sweatpants or plus size joggers, has taught women with curvy bodies to enjoy, layer, and be comfortable just like their smaller-sized counterparts have always done. It’s easy to be comfortable in good quality plus size athleisure clothing especially when you stop caring about what others will think. A little fat is showing – so what? No one will be harmed if you go out in public with your tummy showing, some cellulite being visible, or a little thigh jiggle happening in your favourite short shorts. The bottom line, be yourself and be cute in plus size athleisure clothing while doing it.


4. Get bras that truly support and lift

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Shapewear, like body criticism, is being rejected and abandoned by many women. It does however still have its place in your wardrobe if it’s what makes YOU feel better/prettier/smoother – whatever. You make your own rules to uplift YOU, and that’s all that matters. And speaking of lifting, nothing makes a plus size garment fit better than the proper UNDERgarments and that means bras that actually lift and support.. 1-Get professionally fitted: most of us are wearing the wrong size. 2-Select elegant modern support bras to lift your chest and add visible inches to your torso. Whether you're sporting a jacket, dress, fitting sweater, or tunic top, your breasts should "sit" about halfway between your elbow and shoulder. Remember this tip when you go shopping for plus size clothing Toronto and elsewhere, and we are sure you will slay all the outfits you select. 


5. Know your measurements and body proportions

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Do you know what your body measurements are? Understanding and comprehending the dreaded online size chart is dependent on your measuring precision. Not sure what your inches are? Get professionally measured, and remember that having accurate measurements of yourself rewards you with a beautiful fit.

Be mindful and shop for your measured size. If you are two different sizes on top and on bottom, you may feel more comfortable in a plus-size bottom, but try wearing a regular-size top or vice versa. Take a measuring-tape and measure your breast, waist and hips in inches. Size charts are a common element on most plus-size and size-inclusive apparel websites, but they vary by brand. When shopping online, instead of selecting your "typical" size, compare your inches to the retailer’s chart to get your best size selection.


6. Opt for prints and patterns

Plus size fashion is all about experimenting with new types of designs that can help you celebrate those wonderful curves and accentuate the most appealing features of your body as well as your style game.

When it comes to designs and patterns, prints of any type, whether floral, geometric, tropical, tie-dye, they all serve to camouflage – including camouflage print! So if you are looking to “hide” a certain area, prints can often do the job because they “trick” the eye. They create an optical illusion. And since most of us tend to always gravitate towards the same type of print, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.


7. Wear your hair open

If you've been tying your hair for a long time and want to elevate your fashion game, it may be time to ditch the ponytail or bun. Being a plus size beauty is about experimenting and exploring new things and cultivating joy. So let your hair down! There are many videos online about new hairstyles and how to best match those with the shape of your face.


8. Mix and match your outfits to create new look

Another cool plus size clothing hack for curvy ladies is to mix and match different styles. Be daring and mix different prints, or switch the tops and bottoms from two different sets. This helps maximize your wardrobe and get more lieage out of each piece.  This wardrobe tip may definitely benefit curvaceous ladies, especially those who travel frequently for business.

You may also use different accessories, hair styles and shoes to make your new appearance even more unespected than before. After all,  if the fashion icon and duchess of England is not afraid of trying that, why are you?


9. Make tailoring your biggest ally

Never underestimate the power of a well-tailored garment. The trouble with certain plus-size garments is that they can be a little shapeless, or just oddly oversized but you can now have dresses and coats nipped and cinched in all the right places to fit your unique figure. The end result is gorgeous, well-fitting plus size clothing that makes you feel amazing and confident.


10. Learn what fabrics are flattering on you

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Knowing your fabrics is crucial, but avoiding poor ones is even more important. Cheap materials typically fade and feel frail; it's also terrible for the planet to have too many products designated as "throwaway fashion." A rayon tank top that clutches to you and creates static shocks will be less flattering than a cotton-elastane or polyester blend that is stretchy and well-fitting. Studying and recognizing fabric composition can assist you in selecting better-fitting items while buying plus size clothing Toronto online and in-store.


11. Oversized garments are not always the answer

It’s nice to mix and match oversized garments like tees and blazers but don't always hide behind large garments. Wear the appropriate clothing size and remember previous tips in this plus size clothing blog post to create a silhouette. No matter what your size, wearing the right size for you is always best and can help boost your confidence.


12. Invest in quality basics

Similar to high-quality pants or dresses, some tried-and-true high-quality basic essential garments will take you through both good and bad times. Investing in outstanding basics is ideal for a minimalist aesthetic or when you simply cannot be bothered.

Improving your wardrobe might be costly, but if you're only going to spend money on a few items, make them high-quality basics. Avoid purchasing lower-quality apparel for more fashionable pieces that you won’t want/need to wear for longer than a few years.

Quality plus size clothing is created from higher-quality materials, is sewn professionally, and is subjected to a more stringent quality control system than other clothing businesses. Buying quality also means it's worth it to pay a professional tailor to modify the waist or hem of the ideal pair of jeans. They will not shrink or wear unevenly, and they will last longer! 


13. Lastly, wear the crown of confidence like you own it

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Embrace and appreciate your body's shape, as well as its wonderful curves and blemishes, and love it. It is who you were created you to be! 

If you don't like anything about yourself, you can alter it. But alter it because YOU believe in the change, whether it's for your physical health, emotional health, optimism, or anything else. Don't just modify it because someone else desires it. 

Wear and flaunt whatever makes you feel confident and wonderful!

If one of the recommendations in this post or elsewhere on the internet does not work for your physical condition or you just do not like it, do not use it! Allow yourself to discover what you enjoy and what feels good to you, because you will shine only if you are confident.


Final thoughts

Gratitude! Be grateful for your body and all that it allows you to do. Then, much like decorating your living space, view plus size clothing Toronto as a place where you belong and where evey item was curated with you in mind. You can't modify the form of your walls, but you may alter the focal point, accessories, colour palette, and décor. 

Not every outfit will be flawless, but using trial and error, spending time playing with your closet, figuring out what you enjoy and why you like it, being comfortable, and being appreciative for the countless options for beautifying this great body you've been given can help. There is no pressure, only fun and creativity! There will be no comparisons, only inventions! There is no shame, only appreciation! And after you're done dressing, throw yourself a big smile in the mirror, and be grateful for another day where you can be and express yourself freely.



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