Best Places To Dress Up Near Niagara Falls, Ontario

Best Places To Dress Up Near Niagara Falls, Ontario

Although it’s what’s on the inside that counts most, sometimes dressing up can give you a much-needed confidence boost and remind you of just how gorgeous you are. After a long week at work or taking care of your family at home, you deserve to get fancy for an upscale night out! However, you also need to know where you can get away with doing so; after all, strolling into the casual corner sandwich shop dressed to the nines can feel a little strange. With this in mind, though, we’ve put together some recommendations for great places where you can flaunt your nicest dress in Ontario’s bustling Niagara Falls area. 

Shaw Festival Theatre

There’s something soothing and nostalgic about getting dressed up to go to the theatre, and the Shaw Festival Theater in Niagara-on-the-Lake is the perfect place to do so. Between the months of April and December, the theatre hosts performances almost every day of the week, at both afternoon and evening times. Some of the plays are by world-famous writers, like George Bernard Shaw and C.S. Lewis, and others are hidden gems produced by little-known artists waiting to be discovered. Conveniently located on the town’s main strip, the theatre also affords you the opportunity to enjoy a fancy meal before or after a show at one of the fine dining establishments nearby. Don’t worry about being overdressed for walking around town, either - this neighbourhood is rather upscale and can be quite pricey to live in, meaning most of its residents dress nicely on the regular. You’ll fit right in! 

Fallsview Casino

You can’t spend an evening in Niagara Falls without checking out the nightlife. Thanks to gambling being legal in Ontario, some of the biggest nightlife attractions here are the casinos. Fallsview Casino is by far the nicest one though, and although you can certainly visit in your regular daytime attire, you also won’t stand out if you show up in your finest evening wear. Due to the rise in availability of online gambling sites, many people have started to play games online instead of visiting casinos to do so. This is understandably appealing due to convenience, and has even become a tourist draw in and of itself - but there is still something special about the environment at a place like Fallsview. Professional live music, nicely dressed waiters taking drink orders, a few nice restaurants, and the entertainment value of watching others play games are all things you only experience at a live casino. And they're all fun to dress up for, too! 

Niagara-on-the-Lake Wine Country

This attraction doesn’t require that you dress up, but it will surely add to the experience if you do! The area immediately surrounding Niagara Falls boasts several stunning vineyards that offer tours, wine tastings, and sometimes high-end dining experiences. If you’re looking to join in with a sophisticated clientele by dressing up, but don’t want to break the bank while doing so, we recommend taking advantage of the tastings offered at each of the wineries. Participation in these is usually not that expensive, and if you’re nice to your bartender he or she may give you generous pours and let you try additional wines. If you’re willing to pay a little more, however, some of the wineries also offer food pairings, which is always a good way to try some local delicacies. Again, none of this really requires that you be dressed up, but let's be honest: we all enjoy fine wine and great food that much more if we're flaunting our fashion a bit! 

Hopefully with these suggestions you’re already thinking about what outfit you’d like to wear the next time you find yourself in Niagara Falls! It's a fun place to play up a night out, and that means digging into the most exclusive corners of your wardrobe.

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