When to Save and When to Splurge!

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By Nina Ashe To say that I have been waiting for spring… that we all have… may be the biggest understatement EVER!! To say that I’m waiting for some good sales… may be the second biggest this season! My fashion-spidey senses have been tingling over the myriad of outfits I’ll be putting together once I can comfortably shed the darn coat/boots/winteryadiyada. And we are close, ladies… I’ve ventured out in flats this week… and my still-fashionable spring Ribkoff hoodie of two seasons ago!

Armed with a small clothing/accessories budget for the season, I’ve already pinpointed which sales I’ll wait for… and which I won’t. Did I mention that I’m on a budget? Aren’t we all? Haven’t we all been hit by last year’s floods/power-outs and other unexpected expenses? Being the Vegas-bound second purchaser for SexyPlus Clothing grants me the privilege to see the coming seasonal lines many months before they come out. It also means I get to spend my seasonal clothing budget in advance… and then wait MONTHS for my pretty frocks to come in… leaving my imagination to roam wild over accessorizing.

I’ve already met my spring/summer purse. She’s sitting quietly at Nine West waiting for me… as I wait for a sale (https://www.ninewest.ca/). It’s not going anywhere, and I can always have the store order another in, in the color of my choice, even at sale time. This will be a budget-compliant purchase.  


Same goes for this summer’s shoes. Living with the bane of fallen arches and ugly-but-soothing orthotics, I was thrilled to come across H&M’s sale on pretty little ballet flats with bows for $7/pair (http://www.hm.com/ca). And the soles are cut a little wider! So… I got 4 pairs. Note to self: I do not need three pairs of various tones of pink shoes! (or do I?) No… a girl never has too many shoes… no matter the darn color!

lacenude pink rose

The sales I will not wait for are those where there’s limited production and supply. That gorgeous Zen dress that I know is coming will be snagged the moment it hits the shelves! It is, after all, a privilege to get my choice of size, in a fabulous print, and cut and sewn with the fabric lining up as only Zen does! This year, it’s the new zodiac-named line that’s got me particularly enthralled. Purple and turquoise for Taurus, bright bold pastels for Leo.

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Then there’s London Times' jade-green Goldie Loops cocktail dress with it’s gold belt! Most of you have surely seen it by now. Stefanie got it in a bright sunflower yellow as well. I bought mine the minute it arrived to ensure I got one of the two size 18 she was able to get her hands on (modeled here by Ophilia's Kurves.

And yes… all these dresses will not only fit in perfectly with my flowing wardrobe of carefully selected and maintained pieces… but with my new purse… when I go pick her up. I realize with this weekend’s Grand Reopening (https://www.facebook.com/events/655481894501045/) I could have taken my chances and gotten them at a discount… but I’m just not that risky. I’m a bonds vs stocks kinda gal. Still… I know Stefanie’s got a few surprises in store for me this weekend… I heard the Escapada line arrived. Even if I have to snag one up at regular price and just do my own mani/pedi for a month (I did kinda go crazy on those flats… oh and those pretty little charm bracelets at Express…). I’m not fond of having to keep an eye on my pocket-book, especially when I just want-want-want that “new” dress… yes.. that one there!... but I’m a realist. I’ve got to pick and choose and do it well.  I wish you all luck this season in your picking and choosing, ladies. We all “work hard for the money… so hard for it honey”… and we all deserve to splurge here and there…. Especially when that splurge makes us feel and look our best!

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