Why is plus size clothing more expensive?

With the sad news of some plus size clothing stores closing or struggling in Canada and in the US, we thought it pertinent to share our thoughts on the price of plus size clothing since this seems to be a popular concern shoppers often articulate.

Here are a few things you should know about the economics of the plus size fashion industry and how prices are determined, and in particular, how a small business and independent boutique like ours establish our prices. While there are many factors that regulate the price of clothing in Canada, here are the most relevant to you, the consumer.

1) FABRIC. More fabric = more cost. It might seem unfair to the consumer demanding equal prices, but it's simple economics. A large pizza costs more than a small pizza.


2) VOLUME. Plus size clothing just isn’t produced at the same volume worldwide as regular sizes are, so the unit costs are much higher.  


3) QUALITY. Sure it’s nice to get a cheap, disposable, one-season top for $12 but the quality and weight of fabric, durability of thread, symmetry, fit and craftsmanship are not comparable to the quality and painstakingly manufactured clothing that designers and boutiques. Most of our garments are classic pieces that will last and be fashionable for years to come. And they're made in Canada or in USA.


4) FASHION vs. CLOTHING. There is a big difference between “clothing” and FASHION. We offer fashion. You can get mass produced plus size clothing at large discount stores; but you will compromise uniqueness. You might end up at an event or even at the office wearing the same item as your curvy counterpart. And that doesn't feel good at all. But when you want a statement piece, a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, an outfit that makes your EX eat his heart out, lingerie that ignites a new spark in your relationship, and you value interesting detail and unique design, then you come to SexyPlus Clothing. Many small boutique owners make very little income but continue to pour their hearts into their businesses because they love making women look good and feel amazing.

Manufacturing is also nearly impossible for independent boutiques (although we dream of it) because we cannot commit to the minimum volumes that are required (500 pieces in some cases, of the same item), so we are limited to purchasing from designers and manufacturers who have the volume. We have no choice but to pay their prices because we have limited selection and suppliers to choose from. So we thank you for your continued support of small business and independent plus size retailers nationwide. We stand for quality, craftsmanship, style, exclusivity, expert fit advice, and outstanding service.


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