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Sept 18, 2013, Toronto

This afternoon I received a call from Ann, a plus size bride-to-be scheduled to be married in less thank two weeks. She was in need of a plus size corset to wear underneath her wedding dress for support and shaping. ... Just so happens we had one in her size, in ivory, but she lives in Brampton and we're in downtown Toronto. Since I live in Brampton I offered to deliver it after closing. I reached her house at around 9:15, she hugged me upon entering, and we went to her room to try it on. It fit beautifully, accentuating her silhouette without making her feel constricted. She fell in love. She mentioned wishing she had time to come to the store to get something else, an "après wedding" piece, and so I pulled out a couple plus size lingerie items I brought with me just in case. The Peignoir Set was the perfect thing for her style and personality, and it was obvious she felt pretty in it and would look forward to the day, and night, of her wedding. To ease a little stress from her last minute planning and to make her feel beautiful and sexy totally made my day! My work is done. Stefanie, Owner, SexyPlus Clothing
[caption id="attachment_18354" align="alignnone" width="360"]Ann, the bride-to-be Left: Stefanie Right: Ann, the bride-to-be[/caption]
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