Oh The Lengths We Go To...

Mini –Midi– Maxi - Hi-lo? What does it all mean? Read on for the long and short of today’s skirt and dress lengths and how they transcend into plus size wearability.

These days, designers go to great lengths to bring us, well, great lengths! Here’s a bit of trivia on the various skirt and dress lengths to help you decide which style you will be wearing this spring: The "Mini" The mini has been carried over from the 60s, when it was the skirt length of choice, and continues its popularity. The 70s also followed the lines of the mini into hot pant and tunics which were equally as popular and equally as leg baring. For the plus size woman, some have great legs and can rock these styles. But it doesn't mean that the chubbier rest of us with dimpled knees should be left out in the cold. The mini as well as tunics looks great with tights or leggings, and can be worn all season with a great pair of wide calf flat heel boots. plus size designer clothing The "Midi" An intentional affront to the mini skirt, the midi comes to the calf and covers the knees and thighs. It is often designed into cocktail dresses as it delivers a slightly more formal look. It is also very office friendly. The midi does a wonderful job of elongating the silhouette and showing off a bit of sexy ankles. The midi looks best with delicate heels or strappy sandals. Some wonderful examples of plus size midi dresses are shown below. plus size clothing canada plus size dresses canada The "Maxi" The maxi is the ultimate length skirt, reaching all the way down to the ankles. Some say it was feminism that gave rise to the extra long maxi, others say it was an improving economy, either way, the maxi made a fashion statement and is especially celebrated by plus size women. Easy to wear, carefree and from casual to formal, plus size maxi dresses take you there in style and grace. plus size dresses plus size maxi dresses plus size clothing The “Hi-lo” A relatively new style introduced only a few years ago, the hi-low is very dramatic and women love it. It has a higher hem in front and a lower hem in back. It is especially flattering for plus size women as it flows around our curves and hugs our derrieres quite nicely. It is found in casual, career and formal dresses alike. Check out some amazing plus size styles below featuring the sexy hi-lo hemline. plus size dress plus size hi low dress plus size clothing

Choosing Your Skirt Length

Your height is something that you have to think about when deciding on a skirt. And your willingness to get some alterations done. Alterations are the best way to transform a garment you love but that doesn’t quite fit right into something that seems like it was made just for you. Empire waists with any length (mini, midi or maxi) are a wonderful option for apple shapes who are concerned with garments clinging to their mid section. Empire styles usually fall away from the tummy and provide beautiful flow. Shown below are some examples of lovely plus size maxi dresses with empire waists. Another great look is that of a skirt that stops just below the knees – either the pencil skirt or the tulip skirt. Many women do not try these skirt lengths because they may feel like the length is awkward or old fashioned. This length is classic and classic, or retro, is the new sexy. This length elongates your silhouette and allows you to show off your lower legs, and many of us curvy girls have very shapely, beautiful calves. It’s also a “safe” length because you never have to worry about showing off too much thigh. And don’t shy away from beautiful patterns and prints. When paired with complimentary solids, some patterns and prints can actually camouflage certain trouble spots while making a strong, confident statement. Choose yourself and try something new while browsing our  online plus size store at www.sexyplusclothing.com or come in and have one of our fashion experts choose the perfect length for your perfect height!
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