Five Hot Trends for 2013 - Yes! In Plus Sizes!

Winter has barely begun and we’re already looking forward to Spring. With Fashion Weeks now safely behind us, here's a sneak peek at the hot trends that are holding fast and we’ve got them in fabulous plus sizes.

1. Lace

Still going strong since Spring 2012, lace can be worn from head to toe, with a splash here or there or as a total look. Delicate and ultra-feminine, lace can be played up any which way, appearing solo or on a contrasting lining, tinted or neutral, as a trim or as the main attraction. Our timeless Scalloped Boudoir plus size cocktail dress, in black lace with nude lining, red lace with nude lining or with cream lace and café lining hits the mark. Or try a little less lace with elegant lace panels over a solid silhouette, as in the London Times Leona plus size dress. The Natalie plus size cocktail dress offers a lace upper with beaded embellishments and a solid, tulip partial wrap skirt. Lace is here, and we’ve got much more in our amazing plus size store. Scalloped Boudoir plus size dress in Red Lace with Nude Lining

London Times Leona Plus Size Cocktail Dress Natalie Plus Size Cocktail Dress with Embellished Lace Upper

2. Prints

For Spring, prints come to us from the four corners of the world. From exotic flowers and tropical prints to Asian-infused motifs, one can take a trip around the world in a single season. Some believe that prints do not suit curvy women, and we couldn’t disagree more. Prints express your confidence, help to conceal problem areas like tummy troubles, and simply make you feel happy when you wear them. And animal prints combined with new styling techniques like ruching couldn't be more genius. Our celebrated print lines include plus size dresses and tops from Amma Designs, Joseph Ribkoff and Igigi. Check out some of our fav picks below. Amma Designs Caravan Print Plus Size Dress Joseph Ribkoff Designer Series, Cobra Ruched Plus Size Dress Igigi's Beautiful Kassia Plus Size Maxi Dress

 3. Iridescence

Iridescence shimmered on the runway, giving us a taste of what’s in store for us this spring. No longer the preserve of eveningwear, iridescence shines morning, noon and night. It's time to be noticed, Ladies! Try a beautiful plus size maxi infused with sparkles like the Dream Dance Celebrity maxi shown here or a totally iridescent, sexy fitted dress like the Stop Staring Fortune plus size cocktail dress. Dream Dance Celebrity Plus Size Maxi with Paisley Sparkle Stop Staring Fortune Plus Size Cocktail Dress in Metallic Gold

4. Kimonos

A strong Asian breeze is starting to sweep across the fashion scene. Inspired by Japan, designers are reinventing the kimono while retaining the structured lines so characteristic of this traditional Japanese dress. Some designers have even captured the kimono sleeve with the beautiful, figure flattering style of ruching as shown in the Rumor plus size dress here or in the Keira plus size top. And belts are a great compliment to kimono sleeve styles, as shown here with the versatile Obi belt. It’s all the "Arigato" that your outfit needs! Rumor Ruched Plus Size Dress with Kimono Sleeves Keira Kimono Plus Size Top in Black Obi Plus Size Belt in Red Leather 

5. Black & White

Ubiquitous on the runways, black & white can be tailored to fit any style. From sportswear to eveningwear, in prints, polka dots or stripes, it’s the season’s dynamic duo. Let's be honest, we all have a little something in our wardrobe that makes us ready for this trend, but if you're looking for something fresh and new, consider these killer plus size styles! Joseph Ribkoff Designer Series Brandi Plus Size Dress Monif C Designer Louvres Plus Size Maxi Dress Igigi's Skye Plus Size Dress
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