Plus Size Outfit of the Day - Belts are our Friends!

Today I decided on a fringe skirt that I got at a vintage store in Brooklyn with one of our basic black sweater tops and a funky animal print belt to highlight the colour of the skirt, minimize my waist and add some style to the outfit. Belts are great wardrobe accessories and you should stock up whenever possible in an array of colours and textures. Sometimes a belt is the quintessential piece that can make an outfit come together. We've got some cool ones in store at SexyPlus Clothing.     I'm also wearing a tube top under the sweater to prevent major plunge. Tube tops are a light way to make certain tops "family friendly" without feeling warm or bulky. We have them in store in white, black, hot pink, sable, brown and more. They're only $14. Send us your styling questions, challenges or share your plus size fashion tips by sending them to and we’ll share with others worldwide. Also, join the conversation and see the social side of SexyPlus Clothing on our Facebook page. Thank you for visiting!
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