Spring/Summer 2011: Hot Accessories

Ladies… here is a sample of the Spring/Summer 2011 hot accessories to keep an eye out for: Ropes & Tassels That’s right… tassels!  Not just a symbol of military rank, religious order or curtain decoration, this season, the historical tassel takes a luxurious turn: see them on shoes again, purses, dresses, hats and earrings!  As for rope, you’ll often see its braided look sewn onto wedges or espadrilles, stitched to collars and waistlines. Stripes What can I say?  The nautical look is back through the revolving door as the purely military trend winds down.  Along with ropes & tassels, whether bold or narrow, stripes are predominantly on the spring/summer scene in a variation of classic navy and white.  And though not an accessory per se, I see stripes as a “look accessory”:  a striped top with flared pants is the perfect 70s look this season.  A wide-brimmed straw hat, a pair of sleek wedges and a quintessential pair of big round sunglasses complete the daytime glamorous look.  Word to the wise, ladies, be careful in mixing patterns with stripes… it can work but it can also clash. Cat Eye Sunglasses Though a week of grey rainy skies bellies its appearance, spring is on the way as are days of bright sunshine.  For Spring 2011, eyes are fearlessly protected and shaded behind ever-glamorous cat eye sunglasses.  While the 70s look is best suited to round frames, cat eyes thoroughly compliment the 60s ladylike look.  They are my absolute favorite shape of glasses!  I must have accumulated half a dozen pairs in the past years.  Those with a square or diamond shaped face should look for frames with rounded-out edges.  Round faces benefit from sharper edges or large frames that curve subtly upwards. Belt purse Yes yes… kinda like the fanny pack!  Don’t ask!  Designers!!  But admittedly, it’s a sleek and elegant daytime version… more of a clutch or pouch on a belt.  Sitting high on the waist for a more sophisticated look or slung low on your hips for a more casual take, the style is effortless and quite practical too, especially with a long, flowing maxi dress.  Add some tassels and you’ve got one of the season’s must-haves for carrying a few plastic cards and a lipstick! Stay tuned… next time, I’ll let you know about the two shoe trends of the season… one that boggles my mind and the other that has my name written all over it!
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