Wear what Works so you’ll Work what you Wear

by Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger Ladies… in this world of personal individuality, we all fight not to be numbers but to be people.  Not only are you not a number in society, but you are not a number on a scale or on a garment tag! So please… in the new year, do try to keep an open mind and do not stop yourself from expanding your style and your wardrobe just because a certain item does not come in the “size X” you “are”. First of all, if you don’t know this by now, no two clothing manufacturers, especially in this time of mass overseas labour and export, follow the same size guidelines when it comes to cutting and sewing fabric… not for small sizes and surely not for plus sizes.  Ever try on a 2X piece “made in China”?  They often barely fit over my calves!! Second… who’s to see the size of your clothing in the first place?  I, myself, always remove those pesky tags.  So ok… I’m a tad obsessive, but I am literally mortified when I see someone else’s garment tags poking out their shirt.  I also suffer from sensitive skin and decided years ago never to let a scratchy tag mar my flesh ever again.  Scratching in public, no matter the reason, is not classy. Now how many lovely ladies have I fitted into a gorgeous dress or flattering skirt, only to see them get all flustered when their usual size fits just a bit snug… and then get all confused when I dare suggest to bring a size up.  “Off with her head” often best describes the looks I get.  And here I thought we weren’t just numbers… here I thought we were finally being given the chance to experiment with clothing and style now that we have those options locally!  And here I also thought I’d discussed ad nauseum the importance of shapewear.  Am I talking to myself, girls? The right shapewear will allow you to fit perfectly in your preferred “size X”… and if it doesn’t, then try something else… and keep trying.  How else will you discover your own style… and therefore develop your style savyness?  I haven’t even started talking about complimentary colors, textures and cuts! Stylists from What Not To Wear are constantly and consistently bringing this very concept up time and time again:  TRY TRY TRY!! And if a different garment, cut, fabric in your preferred size doesn’t work… and the size up is too much… well, then, by all means, listen to me extol, once more, about the virtue of having a trusted seamstress on speed dial for this very reason.  Standardized clothing fits no one well… everything assuredly needs a bit taken here and a pinch added there.  And lo and behold, you will then truly have a piece that fits you like a glove at a fraction of the cost then if you’d have had it tailor-made in the first place like all our Victorian ancestors did through the process of countless fittings and needle pokes! And so, if you’ll forgive me the obvious redundancy of my title:  when you wear what works… you’ll work what you wear.  You’ll feel and look like a star… and you’ll rock it like one. Don’t be a number.  Be a Style!!  Be it and Have it!
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