Live in the Moment

by Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger What is Sexy? We often persuade ourselves that life will be better after having married, having had a child and, then, having had another one... Later, we feel frustrated, because our children are still not enough, even grown up, and we think that we'll feel better once they are. We are then convinced that we'll be happier when they'll have passed this stage. We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when things will go better for our spouse, when we'll own a more luxurious car or a bigger house, when we'll go on holiday, when we'll be retired... The truth is that there is no better moment to be happy than the present moment. If it is not now, when would it be… life will always be full of challenges and projects. It's better to realize it and to decide to be happy now while there is still time. For a long time, I thought that my life was finally going to begin. A real life! But there was always an obstacle on the road, a problem to resolve first, a theme not yet ended, a time to pass, a debt to pay. And then, life was going to begin!... Until I realized that these obstacles were my life! This perspective helped me to understand that there is no road that leads to happiness. Happiness is the road... And so passes every moment we have and, more still, when we share this moment with somebody special, special enough to share our time, we remember that time does not wait. Then, we have to stop waiting to finish our studies, to increase our salary, to get married, to have children, that our children leave the house or, simply, for Friday evening, Sundays mornings, spring, summer, autumn or winter, to decide that there is no better moment than now to be happy. HAPPINESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION One does not need a lot to be happy. It is enough to appreciate every small moment and to crown it as one of the best moments of our life. Time waits for no one.
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