Become Irresistibly Attractive: Let Go of Imperfections

by Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger What is Sexy? If you want to attract your ideal mate, you have to have an irresistibly attractive self (your magnet) that allows this person to come into your life. How do I rank myself right now on a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being completely irresistible and 1 being completely unattractive? Until I have ranked myself at a 10, my ideal mate will not appear in my life. Hey wait a minute, some might say. You don't have to be perfect! No, perfection is distinct from irresistible attractiveness yet often can be the deterrent to allowing my mate to find me. When I think about ranking how truly willing I would be to have my ideal mate appear at my doorstep at this moment in time, I usually rank very low. I think of things like "I need to lose weight or pay off my debts, my life is too messy”, etc. So how can I become irresistibly attractive without being perfect? There are 7 key steps. 1. Identify every aspect of my life where I feel unattractive. Ask myself how my mental health, physical health/body, career, finances, family, interests or hobbies, spiritual life, physical environment, or friends make me feel unattractive. 2. Identify who or what influenced me to have this interpretation. 3. Give up that interpretation. 4. Declare 10 or more aspects of myself and my life that make me feel attractive. 5. Ask my friends and family what they consider to be attractive about me. 6. Create a statement that begins with "I am irresistibly attractive because (fill in the blank).” 7. Post and read this statement daily.
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