10 Things I Heart about Being Plus Size

by Nina Ashe, SexyPlus Clothing Blogger What is Sexy? There are hundreds upon hundreds of lists about why people hate being plus size, full figured, large or “fat”… here’s some love from one healthy plus size mama to all beautiful round babes out there: 1. My ass… come on ladies… you know what I’m talking about.  The men sure do. 2. I don’t go into a blind panic over a handful of M&M’s.  Don’t people know the green ones are aphrodisiacs? 3. When I sit on a man’s lap and ask “Am I hurting you”, I always get “Oh honeybunch, you’re all soft and plushy… if that’s hurt, gimme more.” 4. Knowing my hips are perfect hand-rests while dancing close… literally and euphemistically. 5. I get taken seriously.  As a confident plus size woman who drapes her curves in stylish (yet affordable) fitted beautiful plus size dresses, stands up straight (must I mention posture again, my dears?), smiles intelligently and looks you straight in the eye… I am treated, revered and complimented as a “Real Woman”.  Not just one who has a “real woman’s body”, but one who behaves as men’s ideal of what is a Real Woman.  Just ask them. 6. It’s a rather plump advantage as well, pun intended, that people are always courteous to me.  Studies have shown that a round face and a smile put people into a trusting ease.  Now give me your wallet. 7. I’m always the one who is asked on a busy street for the time, a specific address or just general information.  Again with the immediate trust and ease.  I might not have the information they seek, but I more than often end up chatting and having a drink with the cute foreign tourists. 8. Never worrying during sex if I look fat in a particular position.  I am fat!  I know it… he knows it… and his proud saluting appendage loves it! 9. No one ever gets into my face or crosses me directly.  Perhaps they know I’d relish the chance to sit on them and make them cry “uncle”. 10. Once more… skinny or fat… it’s all about attitude… and I am not a bore!  I love being Me.  And guess what… most people all love me being Me too.
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