Urban Photo Shoot Summer 2010

This Friday, June 18 2010 plus size model Anna Thomson and I got together to shoot some merchandise from our current summer 2010 collection. Anna suggested we take it outside, and noticed that around the store (Maximum Woman located at 2120 Eglinton Ave West in Toronto) there were many opportunities for great urban settings. She was right and together we made it happen. With me putting the outfits together and Anna getting into a new role for each outfit, we created chemistry. Click here to view the entire gallery. Her versatility, creativity and willingness to try new things made for some beautiful shots. Being a natural beauty herself with a gorgeous curvy figure, it wasn't hard to make the clothing come alive. This shot was taken in front of the mechanic shop attached to the store building. We loved it because of the retro style lettering and thought it was a good match with some good old fashioned ripped jeans by Boom Boom, coupled with the matching ripped jean jacket and a Baby Phat t-shirt. This shop is truly retro because they've been in operation since 1929! This shot was taken on the west side of the building.  With a splash of water from her water bottle, Anna slicked her hair and tied it to the side. The plain concrete wall was a good simple background to complement this classic outfit. Anna is wearing our Phenomenon Plus Size Skinny Slacks which are a hit with customers given their softness and incredible stretch, a white tube top and a crochet top sold at Maximum Woman (available in-store only in azure blue, black, white, lavender, purple, red, camel and plum.) The perfect little blue clutch is also available in store in many different shapes and sizes. Remember ladies, accessories make the outfit! And just a little father back behind the building is this hedge and we practiced this action shot until we got it just right. Do you think the clutch is coming from the other side of the hedge or do you think she's throwing it over?   This next shot was taken in front of an abandoned truck across the street. The graffiti was so parallel to this edgy outfit: gold lamé leggings and a black and gold foil print cold shoulder top with kick ass heels. I remember telling Anna that there was to be no smiling in this shot. She delivered - would you mess with that girl?   BGtruck11 We ended the three-hour project with some shots in Prospect Cemetery across the street. I love how Anna's demeanor in this shot was soft and gentle, like her surroundings. Despite the very sexy outfit, she made it delicate and beautiful. And again, we added a matching clutch in gold lamé and zipper detail available at Maximum Woman. Only a real lady can make such a sexy outfit look classy too. So, without professional makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers and expensive equipment, we simply used a good quality digital camera, our resourcefulness and made the best of it. SexyPlusClothing is about keeping plus size fashion affordable so by doing this shoot ourselves we saved hundreds of dollars that we can pass on to you. And personally, I don't think we compromised quality or effectiveness in showing the garments. So what are your thoughts? What's your favourite shot? We hope to see you in store (or online) soon. Most gracious thanks to Anna for her patience and professionalism. Sincerely, Stef
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