Joining Forces for Success

In February 2010, Rina Rovinelli from Maximum Woman called me in an attempt to save her business. As a pioneer in the plus size industry, having started Toronto's first plus size social club called "Plus Size Planet" and launching Maximum Woman in September 2005, she knew there had to be a strategic way to save the business with limited resources. When I got the call, I was thrilled because SexyPlus Clothing is still a growing business and I didn't have a retail location. The marriage of Rina's exquisite formal wear and my sexy, trendy styles was a wonderful match to provide complementary and versatile selections for our customers. Now, 4 months later, we've established a friendship and a wonderful professional relationship. We have the same vision about customer service, and going the extra mile for our customers; about integrity, and ensuring that our prices are affordable despite the traditionally high prices for plus size clothing in Canada; and about believing in our business. Rina-&-Stef I have always considered myself to be a lucky person, but then my friends remind me how hard I work. Maybe it's just good judgement, instinct and passion. Or all of the above, and a bit of love too. In any case, I am still committed to being the premier retailer of unique, figure-flattering, sexy and classic styles in plus sizes in Canada...and beyond. And sharing the space inside Rina's Maximum Woman store located at 2120 Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto has been an awesome experience. I've learned that variety is key, sincere service and patience are fundamental and that hard work, at every single moment, is rewarding. Rina is a amazing woman, who makes being amazing seem effortless. She has a big heart and a sharp mind for business. Rina may have had reservations about teaming up with me in the beginning because we are each other's competition, after all, and I certainly considered the risks, but we both made the right move; the last four months have proved it. Sometimes joining forces is the best thing competitors can do - and customers benefit from it. Maybe in the future SexyPlus Clothing will have it's own location, or maybe Rina and I will continue to work together, but for now this formula is a charm because we share a beautiful store and an even better chemistry. We are making many customers happy. Our days consist of sharing ideas, placing orders, meeting with suppliers, and most importantly helping voluptuous women of all walks of life feel beautiful and find the perfect fit. The air conditioned store features 4 large change rooms (equipped with chairs, mirrors and try-on shoes), free parking, a vast selections of casual wear, club wear, formal wear and classic styles. We are open 7 days a week. What sets us apart is our selection: styles from Montreal, New York, LA and Vegas, our personal touch service with free consultations for formal wear and special order service, and our everyday affordable prices. Come visit us, join the mailing list, and find your style here. With love, passion and commitment, Stefanie Augusteijn / SexyPlus Clothing success
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