Website Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Recently I met positive fabulous woman Jaime Almond who provides coaching and workshops on building a better website presence for your business. This is critical to having a strong internet presence and creating a lasting relationship with customers who return to and refer your site. She is also an expert on social media and will teach you how to strategically use these channels to grow your business. Check out her workshop below and website for more valuable insight.

Everything You Need For A Website That Attracts More Clients and Builds Your Business

(one that is stress-free and doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars)

Have you been asked recently about your website and felt embarrassed because you didn’t have one or it wasn’t up to date? You probably made an excuse about it and tried to change the subject. You might have even said to yourself “I really have to sort that out!”

As you probably already know, having a website has become an expectation in business – many people think if you aren’t online, you’re not a real business. Sure, some people will still do business with you, read more...

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