Style Seduction Workshop

Recently I met Safina from Faith Style and was taken with her passion for fashion and charisma. Safina offers a multitude of services and invites you to join her Style Seduction Workshop this Sunday, November 29th, 2009.


Liberate your mind, body & soul

Sunday Nov 29 @ 3pm | 1174 Eglinton Ave W – Aradia Fitness | $99 or $75 each with a friend

Seduction through Dance: During this 45-minute segment you will learn how to reconnect with the luscious curves of your body. We’ll help move you out of your head and into your hips. We’ll start you off with a gentle warm up on the pole to help get your body limber. Then we’ll dim the lights and start you with an introductory lesson in the art of chair and pole dancing. The moves will get you to sink deep into your body and reconnect with your natural rhythms. The night will end with you learning a mini routine to the sultry stylings of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” Style through Sensuality: During this 45-minute session you will learn your figure formula, what to wear to accentuate your body shape while concealing your flaws and revealing your assets. How to use your skin to your advantage, ways to incorporate some sex appeal into your style personality, the five principles to a fabulous outfit and finally incorporating colour to make you feel sensual.

To register contact Safina at 416.569.1223 or

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